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Anna Sheridan is the oldest FETCHer. Anna brings maturity and some amazing advanced math skills to the group. She's also a real animal lover.

Facts that Ruff announced at the start of each episode:

  • She is the only FETCHer with a palindromic name.
  • She's harvested 20,000 tomatoes and 3 cucumbers.
  • She wishes she had gills like a fish.
  • She likes climbing trees.
  • She adores cats.
  • She has 11 pet mice.
  • She has eaten hearts of palm, but they were hideously disgusting.
  • She hates the smell of burning hair.
  • Once, a moth flew into her mouth.
  • She's the founder and CEO of Yummy Bakery.
  • When people hold out their S's, it annoys her.
  • The person she respects most is her grandmother.
  • She speaks fluent Spanish.
  • On April Fools' Day, she gave fake milk to her family.
  • She can hang a spoon on her nose.
  • She loves apples and mustard, but not together.
  • She can play the cello and the hand bells.
  • She has 6 pet chickens: Josephine, Kip, Penny, Beatrice, Edna, and Heather.
  • She has a 3-legged cat named Jasper who likes to eat angel food cake.

Additional Fact

She's the oldest contestant, at the age of 14.

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