Screenshot of Chet from the show
Vital statistics
Title Assistant
Gender Male
Race Mouse
Faction Ruff's Assistant
Health Healthy
Level Ruff's Assistant
Status Appears in Seasons 3-5
Location Ruff's doghouse (currently)
Chet is a mouse that works for FETCH! Sometimes, he helps Ruff with the show. Overall, he is a (mostly) smart and kind mouse.


Not to much is known about Chet, but it was stated that before Chet earned his job he was homeless and lived on the streets. Chet got this job when Blossom was promoted to be Ruff's boss and he had to look for a new assistant and Chet went into the Fetch 3,000 and he was finally hired. In a Fetch podcast on Ruff's website, it was found out that Chet was an assistant to a man who would've payed Ruff $100,000 for Chet because he made one million dollars worth of damage, Ruff thought it was a different mouse and turned down the call, at the time Ruff was fired and tried to make a moose finding company. Also in the podcast, we found out Chet likes jazz and breaks alot of stuff.


Chet is a brown mouse with short gray whiskers just like Blossom. He has blue eyes, a big black nose, and giant pinkish ears. He also has a darker brown spot on his Head., similar to Ruff and Blossom. He has a White Cotton-like tail.


Chet appears to be a very smart (even though he looks dumb in some parts of episodes) and clever mouse as he makes jets out of oil and Ruff's Liver and Pineapple Smoothies. Chet is also seen to be a creative and kind mouse.


Chet has been seen several times moving very quickly and building things in 2 seconds for EX: Chet built a house of cards in less than 2 seconds. Combined with his intellingence and top speed, Chet can build and get past almost anything out of any material. In "Ruff Rocks the Environmently Sustanable House", He can play drums with Ruff and Blossom on guitar in their audition for Ruf Rufman.


  • Since he does not have eyes nor either little feet or paws, he might be based on a mouse, a item that you control with the cursor on the computer.