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Julia Millstein is one of the tallest FETCHers. She loves dancing and plays a lot of sports. 

 Facts that announced at the start of each episode: 

  • She used to raise Monarch butterflies.
  • Her favorite article of clothing is shoes. 
  • She has consumed an octopus. 
  • She wishes she could breathe under the sea. 
  • She thinks she's a terrible singer. 
  • Her favorite number is 6.
  • She loves ping-pong. 
  • She plays the drums. 
  • She loves eating capers. 
  • She plays golf. 
  • She likes reading poetry. 
  • If she were a superhero, she'd call herself Captain Hip. 
  • She plays a mean game of hockey. 
  • She likes popsicles. 
  • She wants to be a pediatric dentist or a dancer 
  • Gum makes her the happiest. 
  • Math is her least favorite subject. 
  • She wishes she had a monkey. 
  • She wants a radio scanner for her birthday.