Ruff standing sing joy s1
Ruff has his arms up in the air, eyes closed
Vital statistics
Title Ruff
Gender Male
Race Dog
Faction Host of FETCH!
Health Good
Level Host of FETCH!
Status Appearing in all episodes
Location Doghouse

Ruff is the host of the show. He has a crusn on Charlene. Ruff grouses about his contract to produce a reality TV program, and the stresses of running one. He loves all food, American-Chinese take-out in particular.


Ruff is known to have a lot of relatives. His owner (Mrs. Kate Taylor) put up an invisible fence. Ruff also has a criminal twin brother named Scruff. It is also been confirmed that the Ruffman family name is put down for it's bad performance in luging.


Ruff is seen being a jokester and sometimes has a few mood swings. Even though he has mood swings he can be a kind character who makes a lot of people smile. His personality sometimes gets on Blossom's butt and Blossom is seen several times laughing and smiling at Ruff.


Ruff is seen usually wearing no shirt and no pants, but he has been seen in other episodes wearing both shirts and pants. He has worn bee suits, cat suits, and disco attire. Ruff has a big yellow spot on his belly and has orange fur. He has glasses and eyebrows that hover over his eyes. He also has orange ears, a big black nose, and a small orange tail and limbs. He also turned into a turkey vulture in Season 4.


  • Wizard
  • Knight
  • Superhero
  • Bee
  • Chicken
  • Cowboy
  • Detective
  • Train Engineer
  • Mime
  • 18th century Man
  • Pirate
  • Spy
  • Moose
  • Artist
  • Tuxedo
  • Pants
  • Pigeon
  • Parrot


Ruff is seen in the show doing lots of stuff such as:

  • Singing and Playing Guitar
  • Dancing (Mostly in a disco style)
  • Making Jokes
  • Writing Poems (Most are bad)


  • Ruff is said to have small feet and it is stated that if he were a statue he would waddle over.
  • Ruff is shown to be scared of thunder and lightning.
  • Ruff's love of food is probably why he is seen overweight.
  • Ruff gets sad or upset when one of his favorite things are taken by someone.
  • Ruff possibly liked Scruff when he was younger.