This is the second season of FETCH!

Fetchers Edit

  1. Rosario
  2. Madi
  3. Willie
  4. Nina
  5. Mike
  6. Bridget

Gallery Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Ruff Ruffman Breaks the Mold
  2. Ruff's Case of Blues on the Brain
  3. You Lucky Dog
  4. Ruff's Big Break
  5. The Mystery of Dogtopia and Catlantis
  6. Reducing The Calories and Cats In Your Life
  7. I'm OK, You're Okra
  8. The Small Fork is for Dessert (Unless You're a Dolphin)
  9. Roughing it with Ruff
  10. Ruff's Bowling is Going Downhill
  11. Mush If By Land, Mush, Mush If By Sea
  12. Still More Mush If By Land, Mush, Mush If By Sea
  13. Yippie Tie Yie Yay, Get Along Little Doggies
  14. Tape Loops and Loop the Loops
  15. A Lobster Bake? Oh Buoy!
  16. How to Get Dogs and Doggerel in Better Shape
  17. Scruff Ruffman At Large
  18. Take Me Out to the Fashion Show
  19. CSI Ruff
  20. The Grand Prizeless Grand Finale

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