Season Four Is Cancelled is the Season 4 premiere.

Season Four Is Cancelled
Season 4, Episode 1
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Don't Like Fencing? Try Fencing!


Ruff Ruffman is still reeling about being fired from last season's finale and that Scruff stole all his stuff. Blossom, however, points to the "Ha Ha" written at the bottom, pointing out that it may be a prank. Ruff refuses to believe her and finds out that his show's network was bought by Harriet Hackensack, a reclusive woman from Australia who hates dogs. Ruff is convinced that this is why he's fired, and decides to embark on a journey to Australia to get his job back.With the help of his family including his interns Blossom and Chet.

Trivia Edit

Ruff doesn't choose his fetchers for the whole episode until the end.

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