Tryin' Chef is the 15th episode of the first season.

Tryin' Chef
Season 1, Episode 15
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Ruff has Taylor, Julia, Brian, and Khalil learn how to prepare food. They also did cooking challenges to get points.


  • Noah and Anna scored 35 points during the Half-Time Quiz Show.
  • Ruff has no Grand Prize again.
  • Julia and Khalil made gnocchi with ham and vegetables during the Amazing Cook-Off, while Brian and Taylor made shrimp and chicken pasta during the Amazing Cook-Off.
  • Taylor's the daily winner with 100 points. She gave her prize to Brian. Brian prize was a pupu platter, a platter of Chinese appetizers.
  • This is the second time Taylor gave away her prize.
  • This is one of two episodes when Brian's sister, Laurel, comes on the air.
  • Khalil did his performance at the Comedy Connection in Downtown Boston, MA.
  • Daily scores: Taylor: 100, Brian: 90, Julia: 75, Noah: 40, Anna:40.
  • Triumph Tally Scores: Khalil: 1160, Brian: 1140, Anna: 1136, Noah: 1095, Taylor: 1060, Julia: 1056.

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